Tweet from Bones 100th Episode Party!
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DB at the festivities –
Jan 26th from twidroid. Follow: @squarechicken

Added 3 new Candids from Jan 19th.


David and his son Jaden and his father Dave were spotted heading into Baskin Robbins in Calabasas, Calif. on Tuesday January 19th.


Candids > 2010 > Heading To Baskin Robbins With His Dad & Jaden: 19.01.10

I’ve added a completely new shoot in the gallery!
Unfortunately the pictures are not HQ but they’re still so great I had to add them anyway :).


Photosessions > 041

New photoshoots have been added to the gallery!


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Finally! D-Boreanaz.Com is now available on twitter! News and updates will be uploaded directly to the twitter account so you’ll always get the latest news on David :).

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