Uploaded around 2000 Screen Captures from Davids movie Mr. Fix it, from 2006. Haven’t seen these caps on any other site so I hope you’ll enjoy :)!

Movie Productions > Mr. Fix It > Screen Captures [+2005]

Finally! The movie The Mighty Macs had world premiere this past weekend. David attended the premiere with his Wife and castmates!

Public Appearances > The Mighty Macs – World Premiere: 14.10.11 [5HQs]

After a few hard weeks of studying I’m finally back on track! First out is the screen caps from the move Ghost Writer.
Next up is a huge Bones update and screen captures from the movie The Hard Easy! Hope you’ll enjoy the pics :).


Just screen captured and uploaded over 400 caps from the movie I’m with Lucy.  Haven’t seen them on any DB-site so I hope you’ll enjoy them :)!


 Movie Productions > I’m with Lucy > Screen Captures